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Woodland Hills Housing Numbers Up, but Signs Point to Foreclosures, Debt in the Future

Blogs from July, 2011

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The Woodland Hills Times recently reported that the Southern California housing market gained ground from May to June‚ but job loss and upside down mortgages predict doom.

Our area of the country is no different than others‚ where job loss‚ a sudden‚ unexpected medical catastrophe or predatory credit card companies have buried people in debt they can’t manage. And banks and lenders are helping very few homeowners modify their loan or avoid foreclosure in Woodland Hills.

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According to the Times article‚ 20‚532 newly built and previously owned homes were bought and sold‚ up 11.6 percent from May.

And despite the increase from May‚ the numbers represented a 14 percent decline from June 2010. June is typically one of the strongest months for home sales in the area. The median home price for Woodland Hills County was $285‚000 in June‚ which was 1.8 percent more than May but still 5 percent lower than June 2010.

So‚ the numbers are deceiving. Add to those numbers the fact that Woodland Hills County led the state in job losses in May‚ shedding a net 11‚400 jobs‚ leaving the unemployment rate at 11.9 percent. Nearly 24 percent of all properties with a mortgage in the area are upside down. And 33 percent of sales in June were foreclosed houses.

So‚ while sales are up‚ it’s not necessarily a great thing for our local economy. With people still losing jobs and government programs accomplishing little‚ many people are at their wit’s end when dealing with finances. Some don’t know where to turn. Others continue piling on debt without any hope in sight.

But there is hope. Bankruptcy laws are designed to help consumers start over. Filing for bankruptcy in Woodland Hills can clear your debt completely or allow you to come up with a payment plan over three to five years to get out from under creditors and collection agencies.

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