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    “I am so grateful to them for helping me through the situation.”
    “Everyone at Cal West Law was so incredibly helpful from my first consultation all the way to the court date. They worked with my 60+ hour-a-week schedule and walked me through the legal process so there weren't surprises along the way.”
    - Glory G.
    “Thank you for everything.”
    “We really appreciate all the help, the follow-up and outstanding service we received from the time we walked in the door to this day.”
    - C.R.
    “Cal West Law is where you want to go!”
    “I feel that I owe this amazing team so much because they saved my home! I truly recommend Cal West Law for any problem you have with bankruptcy or any General Litigation because they can make it happen!”
    - Ronnie M.
    “I am delighted to refer Cal West Law and the professional and complete manner in which they conduct business.”
    “Cal West Law demonstrated courteous and professional representation from the first consultation through the court date.”
    - Peter O.
    “I am truly and deeply indebted to so many people in the Cal West Law.”

    Cal West Law not only treated me with compassion but was truly concerned for my financial well-being. I didn't feel like I was just a "client" but someone who was part of a team working together.

    - E.C.
    “They are honest and straightforward and did let not me down.”
    “Cal West Law and their associates were extremely helpful, courteous and professional. They worked with me every step of the way to achieve excellent results and I couldn't recommend them more.”
    - Nikita M.
    “Everyone at Cal West Law was very helpful and most importantly HONEST.”
    “We waited until their case was completed to write a review expecting a surprise or let down, but WOW they came through and helped my parents out and no disappointments along the way.”
    - Mary S.
    “Ali and his amazing staff helped me feel comfortable about a very scary process.”
    “I appreciate Mr. Nader and everything he has done from our first meeting to make this process less intimidating, efficient, and timely.”
    - Erin P.
    “I don't know how to thank Mr. Ali Nader.”
    “He spent almost two hours of his time showing me what is happening, and what should I do next, step by step, without any expectation.”
    - Al T.
    “I would highly recommend Atty A. Nader to my friends.”
    “From day one of my consultation, Robert was so helpful and nice. Chris was so knowledgeable of what he's doing and Elvira was on top of informing of the schedule and what to expect”
    - Nestor C.
    “They have done exceptional work in walking me through the bankruptcy process.”
    “I really thought the process would be complicated but it has actually given me the peace of mind I haven't felt in a long time. If you are experiencing financial hardships, I can sincerely only recommend you to one place... Cal West Law.”
    - Irma V.
    “Great staff and I am very thankful for them!”
    “They are honest and forthright from start to finish a credit to their profession and believe me the law profession contains some shady operators. Not this firm, I highly recommend hiring this firm for the services they provide!”
    - William C.
    “Thank you for everything Mr. Nader.”
    “If you are looking for a great attorney that knows what he is doing you should go to him. Mr. Nader will not let you down!!!!”
    - Debbie D.
    “A true gentleman, honest lawyer, and a straight businessman.”
    “This man, Ali Nader, did nothing but help me from the moment I walked to his office, until this day a year later after he handled my case.”
    - Bigvik V.
    “He saved me and my family!”
    “Ali is the man! Unbelievable in and out of court after months of suffering the loss of my house, my job, my savings.”
    - Victor H.
    “Cal West Law has been superb.”
    “They are very informed and have so much experience they made me feel confident with my decisions. They are always there for you the whole entire staff is always willing to answer any new and unanswered questions.”
    - Karla S.
    “I was beyond pleased with Cal West Law and their professional staff.”
    “The reason I ever went there was because of the knowledgeable staff. I will recommend them to anyone and I will definitely be back if I need law services again.”
    - Sally C.
    “Cal West Law is very friendly.”
    “Mr. Nader cares so much about the client's situation and he gives multiple options for the client to choose from, which I found is awesome.”
    - Zach S.
    “Thank you again Ali Nader and staff!”
    “Thank you for going above and beyond, trying to find a mutual resolution to my sister’s financial dilemma. Your professionalism, assistance, and gracious acts of kindness are greatly appreciated.”
    - Vilma
    “Thank you for all of your help during a challenging time in our lives.”
    “All of you have made this time easy and uncomplicated for us. We wish you all the best. Thank you.”
    - Mary & Ara M.
    “Mr. Nader treated my situation like his own.”
    “Mr. Nader took over my case, he saved my home, eliminated my third mortgage, and modified my second mortgage. He also eliminated all of my unsecured debts, all at the same time.”
    - Louis M.
    “I will forever be grateful for your assistance.”
    “Thank you so much for your help! I came to you at a time in my life when I felt financially broken and when I had few choices. You befriended me and gave me new hope.”
    - Michael M.
    “Thank you for your help!”
    “When we came to your office we were so stressed out and at the end of our meeting, I felt I had solutions to all of my financial problems, which felt so good!”
    - Melinda R.
    “Thank you for all you’ve done.”
    “To Ali, it's wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Just wanted to say you are the best.”
    - Karen J.
    “I can’t thank you enough for the outcome of my case.”
    “Thank you for being patient with me. I never expected such results and I hope one day I can show you my tremendous gratitude.”
    - Dr. Sami N.
    “These guys are the real deal.”
    “Excellent and prompt communication. Very professional and made me feel comfortable about my situation. They were there at every call and question.”
    - Mario G.
    “Attentive, concerned, available and responsive, and above all - honest.”
    “I strongly recommend this firm, both Ali and Nate worked with me for a long time on a complicated legal issue and they were able to resolve it completely for me.”
    - Kiel S.
    “I could tell they cared.”
    “Throughout the whole process, I knew that they had my back. I never felt I was facing my situation alone. Add to that a very fair price, and what more could I have asked for. Thanks to all 3 of you!”
    - Linda S.
    “Thanks again to the Nader and Berneman firm for everything you do.”
    “I would like to thank everyone one at the firm for outstanding customer service and understanding. I like also to especially thank Rhina for her patience and knowledge and hard work for always making me feel like I’m the only client she has.”
    - Nahrin P.
    “Very professional and honest.”
    “Mr. Nader is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”
    - Lida S.
    “The whole team was there to support me every step of the way!”
    “Mr. Nader (Ali) sat with me and thoroughly explained all my options. He took his time and made sure I completely understood every point. His high-level knowledge made me feel confident that I was making the right decision for my particular situation.”
    - Amy F.
    “Awesome awesome awesome experience with Mr. Ali Nader.”
    “I love the years of experience that his firm has in dealing with issues like mine. Priceless!”
    - Richard M.
    “Highly recommend!”
    “Ali Nader is extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken with matters of finance. He is a very encouraging advisor and very responsive!”
    - Katie C.
    “Don't hesitate to contact Ali.”
    “You will find him so knowledgeable and friendly. He is very resourceful and will direct you to the right path to resolving your issue.”
    - Morteza V.
    “Had a great experience with attorney Ali Nader!”
    “If you are looking for a lawyer that would seat down with you, listen to your situation as his new case, not to make a fast decision based on his past experiences but to really dig into your situation for the best advice he is your lawyer.”
    - Patrick Y.
    “I highly recommend this Law Firm. He was so KNOWLEDGEABLE!”
    “My situation was desperate and I was totally intimidated by companies with more resources than myself. He broke it down to a manageable size laying out all of my options. He really is the best and believe me, I had talked to many lawyers before finding him”
    - Deanna G.
    “It’s nice to know honest and caring people still exist.”
    “I had tons of questions and they had all the answers! They walked me through the whole process and put me at ease. I knew right away I was in good hands.”
    - Mariam S.
    “I highly recommend Nader & Berneman to hire him as a lawyer.”
    “They are very professional and responsive to all your questions. Very nice and understand your situation.”
    - Susan M.
    “I highly recommend you retain this law firm.”
    “They are a great team and they really fight for their clients. They have always had my back and pulled many rabbits out of a hat.”
    - Deb P.
    “Thank you Mr. Nader for all your help!”
    “Mr. Nader was very thorough and went over all the details pertaining to filing for chapter 7. He was very sympathetic and understanding of my situation. He answered all of my questions and made me feel assured moving forward.”
    - Gregory V.
    “If you want the best on your side... hire Ali Nader.”
    “If anyone can save your home, business and help you turn around your life it is Ali Nader.”
    - Teresa B.
    “The team is thorough and straightforward.”
    “The team at Nader and Berneman know what they are doing and if you find yourself in a financial situation where you need legal help, this is definitely the team to visit.”
    - Alexis T.
    “They were able to put my mind at ease.”
    “THANK YOU to Ali and Nate, and to their entire staff to make this all happen without much stress for me. Highly recommended law firm--go meet them and see for yourself!”
    - Louis C.
    “I highly recommend Ali for your legal needs.”
    “Ali and his staff work really hard for the benefit of their clients and my personal experience with them have been remarkably great.”
    - Sami N.
    “Was REALLY helpful.”
    “Creditors were trying to take advantage of my situation and these guys helped me out with something I thought was impossible.. now I get to start fresh and build my credit up.”
    - Flaco O.