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Can a Debt Collector Call You At Work?

Blogs from December, 2016

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If you are struggling with debt, the last thing you want to do is put your job in jeopardy. Telephone Employers won’t want you pulled away from your work duties to take collection calls, or have their phone lines jammed up while they’re trying to conduct business. Fortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has established strict guidelines for when and where debt collectors can contact you.

First of all, collectors cannot contact debtors at inconvenient times, such as before eight in the morning or after 9 p.m. They also can’t contact you at inconvenient places, like at schools, churches, funerals, hospitals, etc. The FDCPA also forbids debt collectors from communicating with debtors at their place of employment if they know, or have reason to know, that the employer doesn’t want them contacting their employees. Collectors also cannot contact debtors at the workplace if the debtor asks them not to, either orally or in writing. And contacting or communicating isn’t limited just to phone calls, it includes mail, email, faxes, and texts.

If you are receiving unwanted or inconvenient communications from debt collectors, you need to contact an experienced attorney. Once you’ve retained an attorney, debt collectors can only communicate with you through your attorney. If you have any further questions regarding dealing with creditors, or would like to retain a skilled attorney, call the debt harassment lawyers at the Woodland Hills offices of Nader, Naraghi & Woodcock, APLC at (800) 568-0707. Your initial consultation is always free.

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